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Frequently Asked Questions:  Philanthropy

Philanthropy and overall social responsibility have become an integral part of a successful business.  It is important to help strengthen the communities we live, work and play in. Latina Nomad believes that developing as a strong leader entails getting involved in community efforts.  You will be impressed at how much happiness, security and well-being for yourself and others you can discover by getting engaged in your community. Getting involved does not require you investing money you cannot afford to spend. You can simply start with serving as a volunteer or advocate for an organization.

In this section, you will find the most pertinent questions received regarding philanthropy and getting involved to do good.  If you have any questions you’d like answered, please feel free to email us at Don’t forget to check out the Latina Nomad blog or YouTube videos which will also provide you with some additional tips on establishing a successful business.

Q: How do I find volunteer opportunities in my area?

A: Volunteer Match is  one of the BEST national resources to find the right volunteer opportunity for you and your business.  You can filter opportunities by location, cause and age ranges.  You can even select group opportunities that would serve as a great team building exercise for you and your staff.

Q: How much time do I need to volunteer?

A: You choose! Non-profits can make it super easy for you to get involved. You can choose to give one hour, day, week or year.  Just reach out to your favorite non-profit or organization that represents your preferred cause.  When contacting an organization start by letting them know about your interest along with how much time you have available and what you can offer to facilitate getting you started.

Q: Can I volunteer with my child?

A: Yes and No. Depends on the non-profit.  There are many organizations that won’t allow this mainly because they cannot ensure the safety of your child.  However, there are various non-profits that create unique opportunities for you to do so. Visit VolunteerMatch to discover some of these opportunities.

Q: How old do you have to be to volunteer?

A: 13 and older with a few exceptions. Age requirements will vary by organization and programs available.  Children under the age of 18 may be required to volunteer alongside an adult.  Contact your preferred organization for more information.

Q: How would volunteering benefit my business?

A: Better employees, improved image, and increased profits. Roxana intends to have to write a blog about this topic since it is too much to write about.  Keep an eye out for that.  Overall, it is very good for your business, team and overall well-being. Plus, you will have heaps of fun volunteering if you choose the right opportunity.

Q: I can’t afford to volunteer abroad.  Are there any options to fund this?

A: YES.  There are a few options to fund your international volunteer mission depending on how much work you are willing to put into it.  For starters, did you know that friends and family can actually donate towards your volunteer abroad expenses and get a tax break for it? Much like setting up a business you should have a clear vision, mission and plan to inspire others to help you fund this initiative. Contact the organization you are interested in volunteering abroad with and have them set you up.  You can then create an array of different platforms to inspire folks to contribute to your fundraising page.

A Few of My Favorite Non-profits

Local – New York City

New York CaresMission:  Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

What we love about this org:  Their array of programs and flexibility!  When Roxana worked in the corporate world her schedule was crazy.  Between meetings and business travel she never knew when she’d be available.  New York Cares database allowed her to log on the evening before or the morning of to sign up for available opportunities.  She worked with seniors, children, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and schools.  The volunteer network ranged in professions and ages which was also pretty cool.  She even became a team leader for one of their projects which were truly rewarding for her.

Requirements:  You must attend a volunteer orientation before gaining access to the volunteer database.

Local – New York City

Mission: Dare2B is an all-volunteer organization that serves as an agent for good to make it easy for you to strengthen your community and creates a positive impact in the lives of homeless children throughout New York City.

What we love about this org:  Roxana and her friends created this organization in 2009! They provide an array of sponsorship and volunteer opportunities (long-term and seasonal) on and off-site. If the available opportunities do not align with your philanthropic goals, you can contact our spectacular team and request a customized experience which would help you and the organization meet the needs of the community we live, work and play in.

Requirements:  Entrepreneurial mindset is a bonus for the volunteer office staff and long-term on-site volunteers who are required to go through a standard hiring process. But overall, you must have a strong desire to want to improve the communities we serve (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Harlem) and the lives of underprivileged children in New York City.


global volunteers logoMission:  Waging peace and promoting justice to help every child reach their potential.

What we love about this org: Roxana states they have the BEST volunteer support ever. Both during the application process and at the country sites. They make it easy for you to get involved. Roxana has volunteered with Global Volunteers in Peru and Africa.  She highly recommends this organization for first-timers.

Roxana was completely stumped about the whole process of volunteering abroad when she first started. The GV staff was spectacular in answering questions; providing material and information she required; ensuring the best team worked with her overseas and so much more. The GV team not only made it easy but they even answered questions she didn’t know she should be asking.  This included fundraising to cover the cost of the fees. They actually went beyond providing her insight by fully equipping her to raise double the funds required for her first international volunteer trip.  Thanks to their support she was able to work with amazing children in Peru and Africa.

Requirements:  Application and program fees required – ranging from $1095 – $3000+ not including your flights.  This will include your room and board as well as meals depending on where you go.  Interested in attending or finding out more information?  Shoot Roxana a message at She’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.  Also, if you do sign up she can forward your name to qualify you for a discount.

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