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Latina Nomad Strategy

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The Latina Nomad strategy is focused on simplifying your life as an entrepreneur. Providing you with the resources, skills, knowledge and international experience you require to establish a competitive edge for your business.

Who benefits most from the Latina Nomad strategy?

The Latina Nomad strategic planning services benefits those in need of:

  • bringing in expertise and professional services, not available within  their network, for a specific time period
  • launching a brilliant idea, product or service but don’t know how to build it or structure a business around it
  • making an existing company more profitable
  • searching and verifying ideas and solutions to increase their competitive edge
  • reducing the stress associated with being the jack of all trades and master of none
  • saving time and money while building or diversifying a business

What is the Latina Nomad Strategy?

Your struggle is real but it doesn’t have to be.  

The Latina Nomad strategy focuses on simplifying your entrepreneurial life by sharing international business *acumen to create an action plan that helps you establish a competitive advantage. The Latina Nomad approach provides affordable *boutique services customized for every client. This includes:

  1. Reverse *strategic planning:  Focusing on your lifestyle goals to make sure your business works to help you accomplish those objectives
  2. Knowledge transfer:  Providing you best practices and effective solutions within your industry
  3. Supplemental staffing: Equipping you with the expertise, technical skills and professional experience you are missing in-house
  4. Management solutions: Recommending improvements to existing management and operations processes
  5. *Liaison services:  Reducing cost of external services; expediting turnaround time; obtaining the best use of resources; and centralizing communications and activities
  6. Strategy formulation:  Establishing the best course of action to develop your goals
  7. Strategy execution and implementation: Ensuring the people, strategy and operations process produce results
  8. Monitor and adjust strategy: Checking development is on track and following the direction established for your organization

Ready to simplify your entrepreneurial life and establish a competitive edge?Valuable Definitions

Boutique Services:  Specialized services for a specific group of people who share common characteristics.

Business Acumen:  A broad set of skills required to understand multiple aspects of a business and allow you to execute and implement the right strategy for an organization.

Liaison:  A person or entity that helps to facilitate communication between two parties.

Strategic Planning:  A process created how to translate your vision and determine how to best allocate resources (time, money and talent) allowing you to take charge of your organizations future.

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