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2 Must Haves for Effective Execution

Effective Execution

“Vision without execution is just hallucination” ~ Thomas Edison

Effective execution is key.  This week we are preparing to celebrate 7 years of having created Dare2B, Inc.I cannot get over how time has flown so fast.  As I sit here recapping our moments, I’m overwhelmed with emotion at how truly powerful people can be when uniting as one towards a common goal.

Dare2B is a perfect example of how valuable it is to handle goals as a business (regardless of how small your goal may seem) by prepping properly for effective execution with two must-haves:

  1. creating a plan and 
  2. aligning with the right people

Creating a Plan

Dare2B started with a simple desire to provide memorable holiday events for underprivileged children in NYC. Who would’ve guessed it’d turn into a nonprofit with a spectacular team providing holistic services to empower homeless children and make life in NYC shelters less traumatic. But then again, when I think about the collaborative efforts made to create a plan and see all our events through to completion I realize morphing into a nonprofit was bound to take place.

Dare2B’s growth has been organic thanks to our entrepreneurial mentality.  Since day one, we functioned as a business creating a plan and establishing operations and procedures that made it easy for us to communicate our goals and needs; recruit volunteers and sponsors, and expand our efforts.  This process also facilitated communications with affiliates that helped educate us in the field which in turn ensured we truly add value to our target audience.  It was all a matter of thinking through our goals, gathering all the research possible, putting our ideas on paper and communicating effectively to truly empower those that engaged with us to deliver the best service possible at each event.

Aligning with the right people

The children we serve at Dare2B and I have been fortunate that some amazing people joined our journey from the very beginning.  In particular, some very special childhood friends that became part of the process by brainstorming ideas and continuously inspiring me to fulfill my vision for the children we seek to serve. Each applied their talent, time and patience (so much patience *sigh*) to create an effective plan:

* Jose went above and beyond helping with logistics to ensure events were fully equipped and working on site to make all the Thanksgiving meal preps and celebrations a super fun and successful experience. These events and the culture we created led to developing a pool of long-term volunteers and creating a demand for a service that didn’t exist in NYC shelters. Everyone involved appreciated that Dare2B provided an apparent and immediate impact on the children and their families.

* Monica assisted with brainstorming concepts and marketing campaigns that helped us gather the much-needed resources we required for each event. In our first 3 years, this allowed Dare2B programs to be fully funded by individuals in our network vs grants, funds, and corporate donors. Individual donors continue to be the primary resource of funding for all our original programs.

* Wil created the first promotional flyers for our events and developed Dare2B as a brand creating and later revamping the logo which gave us the professional look required to have others take our work seriously.  His branding efforts equipped us with the ability to create sponsorship packages that attracted sponsors to our cause even though we were not established as a non-profit.  This was huge in allowing us to recruit business sponsors and establish the right alliances with other non-profits to further expand our efforts.

* Kenny was and continues to be crucial in ensuring we have the right technology tools and well-established processes that allow us to easily replicate our efforts.  How to’s, manuals, job descriptions, proposals and much more were all created before launching our events to ensure a great experience for anyone that chooses to get involved.  By the time we received an offer to become an official non-profit it was easy for us to execute the steps required to see it through to fruition because it was all a matter of just reviewing our existing material and revamping it to fulfill the process.   

Everyone that’s engaged with us has also served as proof that the people you align yourself with personally and professionally can make or break the goals you set to achieve.  In this case, they have helped create something absolutely spectacular.  I strongly believe a vision remains as such without the right people to help you make it come to life.  

Many will try to go at it alone and realize the struggle is real.  As much as we may worry someone can steal our ideas or that it’s too much work trying to convince someone to help you or to even teach them what to do…I’m here to tell you..investing your time, energy and talent in the right people is definitely worth the effort.  Not only does it open you up to do other things and expand your efforts beyond your wildest dreams, but it also opens the door for you to create some incredibly memorable moments.  The friendships I have established, with people I would have never been exposed to, in the past seven years have been truly phenomenal.  There have been times I’ve sat down to cry from exhaustion or uncertainty as to whether or not I’m on the right path and it’s been some of the new friendships I’ve established that helped me keep it together to push forward.  I wouldn’t trade our shared memories for anything in the world.  

Needless to say, I’m beyond ecstatic to celebrate our 7 years with the incredible Dare2B family we have created.  I’m truly grateful for each and every person (past and present volunteer, sponsor, and advocate) that have come across our platform to unite as one to make a significant impact in the lives of the children we serve.

Pursuing your goals, if done right, will always consist of hard work, long hours and some lonely days/nights.  But proper planning and aligning with the right people will make it a smoother and much more fun/fulfilling experience.

What are your secrets or tips for effective execution? Would love to hear your insight. 

Here’s to a better version of us.

From the heart,


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