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3 Tips to Succeeding by Developing Others

Developing Others for Success

“It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed.” ~ Harvey S. Firestone

How much of your time do you allocate to helping others develop their skills to gain new opportunities? Developing others will be one of your keys to success.  

I recall working in the corporate sector and always sharing my knowledge to help staff succeed. Some people thought I was nuts. How could I secure my job if I’m always showing someone how to do my work? They thought it was even crazier when I included showing staff my established process for them to improve on.

The answer was simple. Whoever said I wanted to secure THAT specific job? If you want more opportunities and more money, you first need to make sure the existing job you have can be done just as good or even better by someone else. Otherwise, your boss won’t ever want to promote you simply because he or she fears the thought of having to recruit, train and attain someone like you.

Here are 3 tips to prepare you for developing others and how it can set you apart to accomplish bigger goals:

Create a need for a raise | promotion or demand for a role that doesn’t exist

Complete the core responsibilities of your job description to the best of your capabilities and work on expanding your role. Give your boss valid proof that justifies your raise or promotion. I’ve had companies create brand new job descriptions because of my role expansions. Which at the benefitted other employees at the firm.

Prepare your successor

Speak to your boss and choose one or two people that would view your position as a good opportunity and begin grooming them by sharing a few tasks. This will help you identify the best potential successor and open you up to take on other tasks that align with your goals. At the same time, it’ll show your boss how good you are at training staff which will be key to further developing you as a leader.

Dress for the part you want to play

This was one of the best tips my mentor gave me when I landed my first corporate job at a trading desk. It’ll be key to helping you influence others to help you develop your path to success. It’s all about knowing your audience and understanding that people are first influenced by your appearance. While in the corporate world I invested in a few pieces and suited up while holding an entry level role for a few months. When I transferred to the nonprofit sector I had to find a balance between working onsite with the kids and attending meetings with adults. Dressing down was key to avoid intimidating the kids, parents, and staff at the shelters. It was also important to make it comfortable for me to engage with everyone; commute to each site; carry equipment and supplies and so much more. But branding was also essential to building our long-lasting relationships so I wear jeans and a uniform shirt on site. I go back to my awesome suits when it comes to big meetings and events. At the end of the day dressing for the role, you want to play while taking on expanded responsibilities and developing others will help your potential successors and career decision makers envision you as the new leader their department or business has been in need of. Thus influencing your developmental path to success.

Do you have any tips on how to best prepare to help develop others? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Here’s to a better version of us.

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