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<p>“Journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step” ~ Confucius  </p>

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New Year, BETTER You! | Goal Setting Tips for 2017

Happy New Year all! I hope everyone is enjoying 2017 so far. I usually kick off my new year on the 15th of every month which is actually my b’day […]

First Live Video – Goal Setting Intro

Yesterday I did my first live video.  It’s something I debated doing for the past year but I kept waiting for the stars to align properly with the moon justifying […]

2 Must Haves for Effective Execution

“Vision without execution is just hallucination” ~ Thomas Edison This week we are preparing to celebrate 7 years of having created Dare2B, Inc.  I cannot get over how time has flown […]

3 Tips to Succeeding by Developing Others

“It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed.” ~ Harvey S. Firestone How much of your time do you allocate to helping others develop their skills to […]

3 Reasons Business Professionals Need to Take Acting Classes

Ok, this may sound crazy but hear me out. If you are a business professional or entrepreneur, you should consider taking an acting class to: Build your brand and confidence […]

Copycats ~ Good for your community, GREAT for your success

Copycats! Easy to dislike or even hate. Yet, we cannot get rid of them.  Why would we want to?  Some copycats can add tremendous value to you, as the originator, and most […]

Leadership and Accountability

I LOVE hiking, mainly because I am a nature buff.  Living abroad for a couple of consecutive years I really got to take advantage of climbing mountains.  It’s amazing how […]

5 things NOT to do in 2016

The new year is here and it is considered a time to hit the restart button giving you a clean slate to do things all over or better.  While you […]


Decide. Commit. Succeed.


“Journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step” ~ Confucius